I did it for charity….

Managed to source a nice little addition to my game collection today (see left). Apparently, the dollars I threw at this bounty will be going to charity, so it goes without saying that I just had to buy it, right? Right. Anyway, at a distributed cost of around $2 per title, I consider today’s grab to be excellent value.

Among the carts obtained were a few extra special treats that deserve a shout-out. Shadow Of The Beast for the Sega Master System is one, although no doubt a (ho ho) shadow of it’s Amiga release, I’ve never turned down the chance to play SoTB, so being that I don’t own it on the Amiga, this may be the next best thing. The other is Double Dragon, also for the Sega. Great game on any platform. Now I’ve got it on the Master System and the 2600. Is it time to devote a shelf purely to Double Dragon games? Interesting question. While I ponder that, you might want to check out the new section I’ve added called ‘My Pictures’. Just some nice warm shots of my retro collection all prettied up on various mixed up shelves. Win.


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