Going to stop in at a couple of Op Shops today, see what’s on offer.  Op Shops rarely have the range of retro gaming stuff that dedicated antique places like Mill Market or How Bazaar have, but they are always worth a drop in for the following two reasons;

  • If there is anything worth grabbing, it will usually be severely undervalued.  No eBay pricing here folks, it’s genuine bargains for those with an eye for retro gaming bits and pieces
  • The stuff on offer at Op Shops is often a mixed bag of variety, which suits a collector like myself who has no particular affiliation for a certain platform or type of console.  It’s all good to me, so the chances of finding something I want are greatly increased.
I’ll be sure to let you know if I find anything worthwhile.  The dream would be finding a Nintendo Game & Watch hidden away in a corner.  The likelihood is that I’ll find – at best – PGA Tour ’97 for the PS1.
Wish me luck!


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