It’s that time again…

What time? Time to add new stuff to the collection, that’s what time! And today’s tasty selection is reaching dangerously potent levels of awesome. From the greed-filled corridors of eBay comes a near mint condition Nintendo ‘Donkey Kong Hockey’ Game & Watch. It’s a gorgeous grab, partly because of it’s immaculate condition but even more so because it’s just such a strange beast. As a kid, I was all too familiar with the single and double screen Game & Watch handhelds (although I had no appreciation at the age of 10 for just how much I’d covet them as an adult) but I’d never even heard of these 2 player variants with actual mini controllers. The moment I saw one, I just had to have it. There’s a couple of others in the series I believe, but this one caught my eye. Looking forward to chucking some batteries in and finding out just how batshit crazy it’ll be to play Hockey as an Ape.

I also went shopping and netted none other than the Atari cart of Donkey Kong. By God, can you smell the vintage? It’s crackling with goodness. I think I read somewhere that the Atari version of Donkey Kong was the worst of all the platform makes, which makes it even more wonderful to own in my eyes. I’ll be firing up a game on my 2600jr just as soon as I mentally recover from blowing up my other 2600 with a serious case of over-voltage.

And finally – after so much debating, I’d like to welcome one Sega Saturn (MK-08200-03) to the console collection. A great find found nestled in the country town of Lara (voted #4 in the “Top 10 places least likely to have a Sega Saturn owner” just behind Uganda and beating Yemen by the slimmest of margins) the Sega Saturn is something I’ve really looked forward to owning. As a collector, I’m discovering a spiritual divide that seperates most consoles into two very distinct categories of mainstream and, well, not. The NES is mainstream, an icon. Hell, it borders on religious imagery it’s that well known. The Amiga CD32 on the other hand, has that obscure feeling that makes it just that little bit more desirable in my eyes. For me The Sega Saturn leans just a little towards that obscure category, meaning its ownership comes with an extra sense of pride.

If you’re not following me, it’s okay – you’ll just have to trust me. How could you not trust a guy that has Donkey Kong Hockey, really?


2 Responses to It’s that time again…

  1. Eric Veltman says:

    Another well written article. Though l dont share your interest in vintage consoles I do look forward to seeing collection nonetheless.

  2. Roddy says:

    So jealous of the Donkey Kong Hockey; bought one of eBay and it was just the box – was gutted…

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