Game On Exhibition Gallery

Back in 2008, I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to cover the Game On exhibition for Atomic magazine in Melbourne. For those that don’t know, Game On was (still is? I’m not sure) a travelling expo about the history of gaming as an entertainment platform, an form of artistic expression and an industry.

But at its core, it was a giant room stuffed with all the best arcade machines, consoles, handhelds and paraphernalia from the historical annals of gaming.  Atari Jaguar, Playstation, Pong, PC-Engine, you name it – it was there.

Game On was a fabulous display of gaming machines fired up and ready to play as well as storyboards, interactive sound-stations and an information overload of the rich history of gaming.  I – along with a few other writers were lucky enough to get to roam freely through the exhibits before the general public were allowed in following that weekend, and the cherry on top was a cosy lunch and informal chat with none other than the father of Pong himself, Allan Alcorn.

Was a real treat to chat to one of the greats of vintage gaming (and this was years before I decided to start collecting retro gear) and a juicy opportunity to play on eleventy billion of my favorite gaming machines under the one roof, but the reason I’m prattling on about all this is that I stumbled on all the photos I took for the coverage, only 3 of which saw the light of online print – so I thought I’d share the rest as there really was some fantastic gear on display.

Check it out, here!


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