Amiga 500 viewing when you don’t have an A520 or RGB to RCA.

Just a very quick tip that I only found out today and thought I’d share.  If you have an A500, A1000 or other older Amiga computer tucked away somewhere that you haven’t plugged in to test because you don’t have the right video cables (the original RGB lead for example) did you know your regular RCA (red, white & yellow) to RCA will work? Well, sort of.

If you’re lucky enough to have an A1200, CD32 or other more modern piece of Commodore hardware, you’ll know that they allow you to use standard RCA cables, but the older Amiga’s only have the L and R audio sockets, and another socket called ‘Mono’. I found out today that you can actually plug the video portion of an RCA cable into the Mono to get a picture.  The downside? It’s black & white only (hence ‘Mono’ for b & w) but it will still allow you to test that the elderly beast is working okay.

The better – or more permanent solutions – are to get yourself an A520 adapter (not a big investment if eBay is anything to go by) or hunt down the original video cables themselves.


One Response to Amiga 500 viewing when you don’t have an A520 or RGB to RCA.

  1. Rodrigo Liefer says:

    RCA cables are quie useful if you want to connect different audio and video cables. ”

    <a href="Latest short article produced by our own blog

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