Commodore, Cartridge, Cherished: The three C’s.

I am soon to be the proud owner of these beautiful Commodore 64 carts.  There are several reasons why these will be much loved, here are a few:

  • They’re unique.  While many people remember whacky floppy disks and even the cassette tapes for the C64, there are few out there that remember C64 carts.
  • Tapes will get chewed, disks will get damaged, but these games will likely be playable right up until whatever nuclear winter humanity cooks up rolls into town.
  • They have that undeniably vintage feel to them.  Black plastic, thick circuit board, the Commodore logo.  They are in my humble opinion, gorgeous.  Looking forward to playing “Wizard of Wor”, “Omega Race” and “Avenger” 🙂
I might do a review of these when they come in, or a write-up on the cartridge technology itself.  Awesome!

2 Responses to Commodore, Cartridge, Cherished: The three C’s.

  1. Glenn says:

    I had Rat Race. It was great and I think came with the original Family Entertainment Pack.

  2. amiga4eva says:

    Oh wow, I remember the family entertainment pack! I can’t remember the games themselves (Maybe International Soccer was a part of it?) but I remember the pack itself.

    Glenn, no more past tense – what do you STILL have, and when am I stealing it 😉

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