A brush with the divine…

Every once in a while, an artifact of such unimaginable beauty and significance comes into our lives, that all we can do is weep tears of pure joy.  A treasured medal from the war your Great, Great Grandfather fought in, a lost piece of antiquity from a Pharaohs tomb – that sort of thing.

I found just such an item today, at Aldi.  I present you with “Game Console Cleaner”! That’s right, a product that is likely just re-labeled baby wipes, it nonetheless calls to me as though created from the divine threads of my very own subconscious. Seriously, Game Console Cleaner.  It’s aweosme on multiple levels and in multiple dimensions and as if that wasn’t enough, it’s lemony fresh!

Aldi being what it is, you’d best rush out and buy some now (for the modest fee of $5.99) because by tomorrow, the shelf space will be used for toasters, laptops or Large Hadron Colliders.

I’m off to wipe the entire collection.


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