Collectibles Fair: debrief

So the collectibles fair at the site of the regular Belmont market was a bit of a letdown today.  I’d actually had the hopes there would be a dedicated stall for all things retro gaming, but alas I was left to play predator and stalk the few bits and pieces on offer.  It wasn’t a bad day though, I managed to score an Atari ‘Asteroids’ cart and manual to add to the ever-growing collection of Atari games I can’t yet play thanks to non-functional consoles.

The real score though, were a few Star Trek items (my other collecting passion) but those are a bit outside the scope of this blog so I won’t bore you with the details.

On the way back from the fair it was decided it couldn’t hurt to check out a couple of the local Salvation Army stores which yielded an unexpected treasure – a bag of licensed Nintendo plush toys for $3.00! Epic winning with a dash of tiger blood! They make cheap and effective themed decorations for the Nintendo portions of the console display.

If I get a chance I’ll be heading back to claim the other $3.00 bag, well worth it.

In other news, the collecting passion has come full circle as I list my first retro gaming stuff on eBay. I’ve decided to shed my unlicensed ‘HES’ Nintendo carts. They are highly desirable and collectible to some people, but not me. I find them ugly, annoying and they refuse to stack well on a shelf. Hopefully, I can convert the coin into vintage gaming bits that bring me a little more joy.  The HES carts (and Home Entertainment Suppliers the company) have a colorful and interesting history however,you can read more about it here


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