Got wood?

You pretend like you wouldn’t use that pun in the post title, but I know the truth, who can resist? Not mere mortals like us, that’s for sure.  Let’s all gather around and give a warm welcome to the latest addition to the collection, the aptly named Atari 2600 ‘woody’.  Though the picture doesn’t show it that well, the woody is named thusly because of the freakishly awesome (in my humble opinion)  faux wood-grain along the front of the console.

Kickin’ wood-grain combined with an array of great games and a smashing silver Atari logo lay down the gauntlet of awesome gaming all the way from 1977, an era usually remembered for such tradgedies as “Muskrat Love” by Captain and Tennille.

Or anything else by Captain and Tennille.

I’ll update the collection page soon enough, but for now, feel free to leave replies pouring your love, adoration and retro-respect on ye olde Woody.


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