General Ramblings.

Got around to giving the Atari 2600 woody a decent thrashing tonight,  and decided that the 2600 version Donkey Kong is shit, but it’s understandably shit.  There are a lot of sites, blogs and articles out there alluding to this fact, but I like to experience these things for myself before making any kind of judgement.

Well I experienced, and can confirm every single one of those allusions on the surface. Have you ever had your testicles set on fire while being bludgeoned with a rotting pineapple dipped in feces? No? Well that’s a shame, because if you had you’d have been witness to something almost as awful as Donkey Kong on the 2600 appears after playing it on other platforms (arcade, NES et al).

But I’ve decided it’s mainly due to the limitations of the platform, especially when I compare it to my more enjoyable DK experiences which were on machines with a fair bit more grunt.  So the verdict is DK on the 2600 is shit, but it’s partially forgivable.  Also, I’ve learnt a couple of pro tips I’ll share with you.

  • Just because you can’t tune a retro console into your TV doesn’t mean you’re a complete and utter moron.  It can – like in the case of my 2600jr – just mean it’s pooched, even though it has a power light.
  • You can apparently use the Megadrive 1 power supply and cord with an Atari Jaguar.  Seems a little strange being that they’re different branded consoles, but I’ve found several references to this on the net so I’m going to give it a shot.  I have a Jaguar with a UK power cord, and an AUS Megadrive 1 arriving soon.  I’ll let you know the results, but as an additional tip – do NOT use a Megadrive 2 power supply, apparently it’ll light up your Jaguar like a Christmas tree for a few seconds before rendering it as useless as Stephen Hawking at a ballroom dancing competition.

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