Smells like community spirit…

The internet is jam packed full of forums, discussion boards and communities.  Some of them are unfortunately harsh, poisonous landscapes filled with toxic arguments and the hollow remains of once mature people.   These places aren’t much fun to be, I’d liken them to having a leisurely stroll along the surface of Venus which – for the uninitiated – reaches temperatures of around 450 degrees Celsius.

Then there are places like the forums, which are bursting with so much Charlie Sheen style winning that it defies natural laws and the calculations of scientists the world over.

I’ve only been a member a short time, but have already experienced a degree of warmth,  camaraderie and knowledge that few other internet communities in my experience could match.  These people, so varied in their vintage interests and gaming tastes, have welcomed me with open arms and the priceless offer of tips, tricks and advice.  There’s a sense of enjoyment there that you can reach out and touch, it’s ‘Borg‘ like in its unity.  Everyone is feeding hungrily off the sheer delight everyone else takes in retro and vintage gaming.

It’s nerd perpetual motion.

That kind of energy can’t be faked, manufactured or processed.  It has to evolve under the very best of conditions, combining equal parts passion and respect.  I expect and I are going to have a fantastic relationship, one that’ll last well into the future and yield newfound wisdom, understanding and metric tons of enjoyment.

Looking forward to every discussion about the best cartridge, the stupidest mega-rares and that fateful day your Atari Falcon booted for the last time.

I suppose I should start buying the magazine really ;)….


One Response to Smells like community spirit…

  1. justonemoregame says:

    Subscribing is a no-brainer now that the pound is LLLLOOW.
    It’s (does conversion) AUD$122 for 12 issues.

    Dead cheap for the awesome/unique content.

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