General Ramblings #2

Like the Indiana Jones of legend I have scaled the mountain, entered the cave of the haunting totem God, avoided the death traps of the ibogaine tribe and returned – covered in cobwebs – with ancient wisdom.

A megadrive 1 power supply really will happily power an Atari Jaguar.

I’m not sure how I feel about this revelation.  On the one hand I’m happy, on the other I feel weird about the whole Sega power supply with Atari console.  It’s a bit like a cat giving birth to a dog, it’s neat and you’re likely to tell your neighbors about it but at the end of the day when you’re in bed alone, the experience will leave you unsettled.  Unfortunately despite getting the Atari powered up, tuning it in wasn’t so successful.  I can get perfect picture with nothing bit hissing static for sound.  This is disheartening, but by no means defeating.  I’ll be sure to have a few drinks tomorrow night and either get the damn thing tuned into one of the TVs around the house, or melt it in the microwave so I can fashion it into an offering for the ibogaine tribe. 

In other news, I scored a few additions to the collection today, including the aforementioned Megadrive 1 (which I consider to be infinitely more graceful and sexy than the Megadrive 2) Super Mario on the N64 and a few assorted Megadrive titles, some of which are doubles and will be sold off with my doubled up Megadrive 2.  That’s right folks, there’s action happening in every direction, at every hour.

But the best day of the week is yet to come.  It’s called Friday, and is decidedly awesome not only because it signals an end to putting up with the day-to-day grind of work ( a grind I might add that never seems to yield phat loot) but because – if my calculations are correct – I’ll be the recipient of two very shiny Nintendo Game & Watches, Bombsweeper and Safebuster.  A big shout out to Andrew B for both pointing me in the right direction and being a most exemplarily builder of arcade cabinets.   The man has turned gaming passion into a physical manifestation with an awesome Galaga cab that looks as good as it sounds.

This weekend will hopefully see a couple of game reviews, some serious investment in a bit of Commodore 64 BASIC programming and trying to get this freakin’ Atari Jaguar to start producing the sweet sweet sounds a dual 32-bit console should.


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