Now I know why they call them ‘Opportunity’ shops……

….or shops of opportunity, as my experiences today revealed.  I have written before about having low expectations around op shops, salvation army shops etc.  It’s not that the stores are inherently bad in any way, it’s simply that they aren’t suited to finding masses of fantastic retro gaming stuff.  You might find the odd bootleg PlayStation 1 title but that’s about the best you can hope for.

Except today.  Today was different, magical even.  There was something in the air that said on this day, the Gods of retro gaming had anointed a little opshop to deliver no less than 10 NES cartridges, mostly fantastic games, for an absolutely paltry fee.  I almost felt guilty taking them.  No, no – that’s a lie, I felt freakin’ fantastic taking them.  With titles like Double Dragon II and Shadow Warriors among the mix, I consider today an immense victory in the battle to hoard everything retro that was ever produced.


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