More than just a game

When I started collecting retro gaming stuff I never really intended to pick up Nintendo Game & Watches.  I was heavily focused on the big boys, consoles.   I’m glad though, that I started to get into collecting the Nintendo handhelds, because while it’s at the expensive end of the hobby, there is a unique joy and magic around these 1980s liquid crystal wonders.

People really respond to Game & Watches.  Does that make sense? Probably not, not without me expanding a little.  See, I’ve had plenty of people tell me this hobby is strange or weird.  I’ve had people tell me it’s odd that I collect retro consoles and gaming computers, that it’s more bizarre than being a gold star member of a cult of freaks who worship the dawn and smother their naked bodies in Nutella every Wednesday.

But those same people melt into little pools of nostalgic goo when you put a Game & Watch in front of them.  Some people didn’t have a NES when they were younger, some people didn’t have a Commodore 64 or Master System.  But it seems every single human being on the planet has at one time or another had a beloved Nintendo Game & Watch.  They’re unique little creatures among the sea of retro gear, capable of evoking the strongest and most cherished of memories in even the most ardent naysayers of vintage game collecting.

I heart them with strength and conviction.

PS – I’m expecting delivery of four – yes four – lovely Game & Watch handhelds this week.  I’ve got the bug, that’s for sure… I will soon be making space for;

  • Bombsweeper
  • Safebuster
  • Squish
  • Oil Panic (Boxed)

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