Random re-arrangement pays off!

So many CD32 games. Tears of joy I tell you, tears of joy.

So I decided I had to move some things into a bookcase in the lounge room. In order to move things onto one of the shelves, I had to move some things off in a very balanced act of give and take.

Ahh, the slow dance of clutter re-arrangement.

Anyway, I took a stack of what I thought were audio CDs off the shelf to make room only to discover they were in fact a hidden treasure horde of Amiga CD32 games! Now that’s what I call a retro win.

I had no idea I even had these titles, I was almost certain the only two games I had for the CD32 were Zool and Pinball Fantasies.  Now it seems I have a stack of titles to add to the collection which is particularly awesome considering a) I love playing the CD32 and b) the titles aren’t easy to come by.  I’m guessing they came with the console when I got it originally, but I must have excitedly put them to one side while fiddling with the machine itself, and they’ve somehow merged in with my regular audio CDs without anyone noticing.

Liberation, Alien Breed, Chuck Rock - Joy!


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