A fanatic is one who sticks to his guns whether they’re loaded or not.

The grey plastic power of GunCon.

I’d forgotten how much fun light gun games are.  When I was a kid I never actually owned any console with a light gun attachment, but I got plenty of target practice in front of the Namco Point Blank arcade machine at the local Timezone arcade.  I got to relive those times today thanks to a Namco ‘GunCon’ light gun for the Playstation 1 and a copy of Point Blank 2.

The PS1 light gun is a far superior beast to the earlier guns like those for the Master System or NES.  The Sega and Nintendo units are comical, cheap and childish (I say all of that while still respecting them greatly for being the iconic pieces of kit they were) but the Namco weapon is chunky and tough.  It feels right in your hand, and you have to make a conscious choice not to get all gangsta and side-grip with that bad boy. 

Seriously, a part of me just wants to fill the Namco gun with real bullets and shoot up the office.  Of course such an action would prove ultimately regretful and likely arouse complaints from the neighbors, but for a few brief moments it’d be seriously awesome.

Have I scared anyone yet?

Firing up Point Blank 2 reminded me of why the series is such a great example of a light gun game, there’s so much variety! Game mode upon game mode are up to play with literally something for everyone. Unfortunately, it’s become painfully obvious that my tiny CRT tv just isn’t suited to playing light gun games with the slightest movement in any direction meaning half a screens distance to the CRT.

Point Blank 2. Bang-bang-bangin' good times. Er.....


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