Markets ahoy!

Couple of minor additions to the collection today from the markets that are worth a mention.  Managed to grab 2 N64 carts (Mario Kart 64 & Superman) and 2 NES carts (Sword Master & Smash TV) as well as an N64 box (I have the console, but grabbing a box for a couple of bucks is always nice) a boxed PS1 and a boxed Playstation light-gun.  Also grabbed a few of those little Nintendo figurines that seem to compliment just about any shelf of retro gaming goodness that they sit on.

I also just spent an obscene amount of money on an eBay purchase, partly because I desperately wanted the item and partly to spite some awful soulless hobgoblin that tried to privately sell me the

same item at an eye-gouging overpriced amount because “that’s what I know they’re worth off eBay”.  Yeah, right – because you with your pea sized brain, three eyes and nit infested hair know anything.

Evil little troll. Jokes on you….


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