Now this, this is going to be awesome.  Yes, it cost a fair whack of money, but my collection is honestly reaching that point where the kinds of things I’m in the market for are old, scarce and as a result, not on the cheap side.  I will shortly be the owner of a Vectrex (and 6 games), one of the most kickarse of the really, really old gaming consoles.  It stands out from the crowd thanks to its built in monitor (no TV hookup required!) and its hypnotic vector graphics. This will be in many ways a jewel in the crown of my vintage collection, but it also signals my finances going into hibernation for a while as I recover from the dent the Vectrex has put in my wallet.


6 Responses to Vectrex!

  1. Wow, the Vectrex! Do you mind if I ask you how much you paid for it?

    • amiga4eva says:

      Less than $350 AUD, but more than $300 AUD 🙂 I realise that’s at the upper end of the scale, but I’m pretty happy with it and the fact it comes with 6 games. It’ll be a treasure in the collection :).

      • Thanks for the info, mate! 🙂

        Congratulations on a fine purchase! I’m sure you are looking forward to test the machine.

        Have fun with the Vectrex! 🙂

  2. Sean says:

    Now THAT looks cool. How are the games?

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