Bits & pieces

The Vectrex didn’t arrive Friday, which completely gutted me at the time. For some reason I’d imagined spending this weekend bathed in the eldritch glow of blue vector based graphics, but it wasn’t to be.

So I sulked a bit (a lot, truth be told) but I was given a wickedly cool plasma ball as a way to cheer me up.  I’m a firm believer that no games room (especially one so 80s centric) can be truly complete without one of these plasma filament wonders, so I’m wrapped to see it adorning a shelf.

In other news I had a fairly heavy session of Commodore 64 gaming over the past few days as I tested the tapes I’d received recently.  Kicking back with titles like Firetrap and Galactic Games threw me instantly back to a nerdy childhood, as did the occasional tape getting chewed and violated by the temperamental C64 tape deck.  The real fun though, came from firing up The Last Ninja. What a kick-arse game.

It’s so hard to master that it borders on the maniacal, but that extreme difficulty is balanced with fantastic game play, graphics and sound.  Screen after screen of ninjas, weapons and some fiendish obstacles.  Some major replay value will be gotten out of that.  I’m also looking forward to playing Labyrinth (part of the same ‘Six Sizzlers’ tape pack) but I’m saving that for a Sunday session.

Also tried out NES title Robowarrior. Haven’t given it a lot of time yet, but I was pleasantly surprised with what seems to be a more diverse ‘Bomberman’ style game with colorful visuals and some interesting powerups.  Another one I’ll give more time to when more time presents itself.

There is also a vicious rumor circulating that I may have purchased more Game & Watches. I wouldn’t believe it though, I mean it all sounds a bit sensational – hell, fanciful – if you ask me.

Anyway, I’ll leave this post where I started it, with reference to the Vectrex.  What can I say, I’m excited! It’ll be such a joy to have. I’ve even gone so far as re-arranging my game & watches into a more compact space to free up the top of a shelf for the Smith Engineering console.  That’s dedication, right?


3 Responses to Bits & pieces

  1. Sad that Vectrex didn’t arrive on Friday. 😦 I’m sure you must be disappointed. Hopefully it’ll arrive on Monday. 🙂

    And yes.. The Last Ninja rules! One of the better games released. Used to love it.

    I’m currently testing out a few Amiga games with IndivisionAGA card. Have enabled scanlines now. Looks great. 🙂

  2. I know a “little old not-so-grey-haired lady” who might like to play “Labyrinth” with you!

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