Vector based perfection.

Finally, it has arrived.

Enveloped in cardboard and cocooned within shredded paper the mighty Vectrex made its way across the ocean from Tasmania to Victoria combating untold dangers, potentially venomous weather conditions and a really, really sucky postal system.

And damn, was it worth the wait.

I have spent all of about an hour with the Vectrex so far and can say with complete confidence that it isn’t just retro, it is the spirit of retro, the pure unadulterated embodiment of vintage gaming.  From the bubble TV and vector line graphics to the wicked 80s sounds and retro cartridges, the Vectrex is in a league of its own when compared to other gaming consoles of the same era.  The one I’ve scored is in excellent condition right down to the included joypad still having a self-centering joystick, and after testing all 6 games I can confirm they all work great.  So far I’m digging Webwarp and the built-in Minestorm title, but to be honest every cart has its own charm.

For me, the Vectrex has already proven to be about much more than simply blasting asteroids or bombing vector enemies with vector bombs against a vector landscape.   Every action to do with the Vectrex is a tantalizing 80s experience.  Forever more when I think of the 80s I’m going to conjure up images of David Bowie, WarGames and Vectrex.

From plugging the quaint carts into the side port (carts that have some wicked label graphics I might add) to turning the machine on to inserting the plastic screen overlays designed to provide color and static imagery to the games, everything about this machine is a complete journey backwards in time tailored for the retro collector.

I could recommend a lot of things out of my collection to others,  but I’d probably put the Vectrex as one of the only absolute must-haves.  It’s an amazing piece of history and a blast to play at the same time.  I’ll try to get some video up this week, but for now I hope you enjoy a few choice pics I’ve put up.  I’d have taken more, but to be honest it was hard enough to tear myself away from the Vectrex to make this post, and now I’m going to be terribly impolite and ditch every single one of you in favor of throwing down the gauntlet to a bunch of threatening blue vector lines.

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3 Responses to Vector based perfection.

  1. Rick Ross says:

    Post a vid! I want to see it in action!

  2. Congratulations on getting the Vectrex up and running! Great pictures as well. Looks awesome! 🙂 I’d love to try the machine myself. And yes.. a video would be cool! 😉

  3. Sean says:

    That looks amazing, well done sir!

    That Minestorm screen shot looks great. Blue on black background is the best retro color scheme for games.

    I must have one!

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