Fantastically ファミコン!

There are very few gaps left in the Nintendo branch of my console collection, so it’s time to begin the march towards Japanese imports, beginning with the grand daddy; the Famicom (Family Computer).

Winging its way towards me from elsewhere in Victoria will be a boxed Famicom (the exact box in the picture) complete with two of its spankin’ red/gold controllers and an as yet unidentified cart.

So why the Famicom?

Well, i could say it’s because the Famicom represents a rich vein of history in the 8-bit console family.  I could also throw in that I like the console itself and the various odd peripherals that come with it (the disk drive, network system etc).  The truth however, would be far simpler…

I dig the cartridges like fat kids dig cake.

As my friend over at famicomblog will agree, famicom carts are psychedelically beautiful. I read somewhere that the human eye can distinguish 16.8 million different colors.  I’m reasonably certain a famicom cart has been produced in every single one of them.

Oh sure, I’ll get a step-down transformer to play the famicom from time to time, but for the most part I’ll just take sheer delight in collecting the colorful, creative cartridge games.


4 Responses to Fantastically ファミコン!

  1. Sean says:

    Nice! Your friend over at Famicomblog concurs, the carts are amazing in their psychedelic colors!

    You will not be disappointed when it arrives. Playing games on a red-and-white is an experience like no other!

    • amiga4eva says:

      So any tips for me Sean? Will I likely need a 110v step-down transformer to use it when it arrives? Any places to find some basic carts at low prices?

  2. Sean says:


    I’m not sure about the need for a transformer, I’ve never used my Famicom(s) outside of Japan. Probably on Famicom World someone would know for sure. In North America the voltage difference with Japan is quite small so there isn’t a need for one but I don’t know about elsewhere….

    Ditto with the carts! I know tons of shops in my city that you can get cheap carts at but….not sure about online as I get all mine locally! I would have recommended Rising Stuff but they just closed. My casual perusals of Ebay have turned up the occasional bargain – usually on big lots where the per-game cost is about 1 or 2 dollars and there are a few good ones in the lot.

  3. Just grab a 9v (DC) 1A AC adapter with a plug to suit and the right polarity, that should do the job. I recently scored a Famicom myself and intend to grab something from Jaycar to suit.

    Next on the list is to AV mod the sucker, as the RF signal can be cranky with local TVs.

    And yes, the colours on the Fami carts are awesome 🙂

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