More Saturn games

If you’re around my age bracket then it’s likely your trips to arcades many moons ago was to play SEGA greats like Virtua Cop, Sega Rally and Daytona USA.  Today I was lucky enough to score the Sega Saturn incarnations (pictured on the left) of those arcade greats, including the official SEGA light gun for use with Virtua Cop.

I’m a very happy geek, although I suspect the Saturn version of Daytona simply won’t hold a candle to the Dreamcast version.  We’ll see…


One Response to More Saturn games

  1. RE Daytona, yes-and-no – the game handles brilliantly, but as a launch title for the machine, it looks terrible. The pseudo-sequal on the Saturn, Daytona CCE (Championship Circuit Edition) looked a lot better, but lost the sensation of speed and handled poorly (though I’m told the Japanese version is a lot better than the PAL version, which I played back in ’97 so my memory is hazy :P). Sega Rally, however, is an incredible conversion – probably the best racer on the Saturn. If CRX did a better job on porting Sega Touring Car, that would probably have been up there too.

    In terms of home conversions of Daytona, my money’s on the DC version. Still, it’s fun to play as the horse in the original title on the Saturn 🙂

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