A collectors story in pictures…..again.

Just a quick pictorial update of the collection 🙂 As you can see, I’m starting to amass more of the ‘boxed’ stuff, and as any collector knows, the box is half the glory 😉 Enjoy!


7 Responses to A collectors story in pictures…..again.

  1. Takoma says:

    More than half. Consoles are ten a penny, boxes are jizm in the panties.

  2. Takoma says:

    Eternally jealous of your boxed Jaguar, by the way.

  3. amiga4eva says:

    I see your jealousy and raise you even more jealousy of your boxed SNES and boxed SNES games.

  4. Sean says:

    Excellent collection! I particularly like the way you have your consoles shelved, that shelf with the Famicom, Game Cube, etc is the perfect size. The game and watches look pretty sweet too!

  5. Awesome collection of stuff 🙂 The back room with all my nerdy stuff seems a little chaotic in comparison, I’m sure at some stage it will get a little better organised! I used to have boxes for all my consoles from the Saturn onwards on display (as a kid the boxes eventually made it to the garbage bin for my older machines!), but these days they’re housed in another room so I had somewhere to stack my arcade PCBs 😛 Never enough room I guess!

  6. One word: AWESOME! 🙂

  7. amiga4eva says:

    Thanks for all the great comments guys – it is motivation to keep collecting (not that I need any). Also, with the shelves, I’m finding op shops as the best place to hit up for all kinds of odd shaped (but perfectly suited) shelves and book cases. Hmmm, that’s worth a write-up in itself….

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