Getting back in the swing of things…

After a couple of hellish weeks of The Real World™ I’m finding time again for all things retro gaming, which – if I were more physically adept – would result in me doing back-flips of sheer joy.  Unfortunately I’m a true-to-form Geek, which means back-flips and I don’t deal.

I’ve learnt to live with that fact.  Can you?

This morning started off with a quick round of Clean Sweep on the Vectrex, a fast paced Pacman clone.  Having the console permenenently plugged in and set up along one wall means that I often find myself walking past it, stopping, firing it up (it takes a few seconds to warm up, much like TVs of the era)  and spending a few minutes playing whatever cart was last plugged in.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Vectrex is so worthwhile to own, whether you’re playing it daily or just displaying it somewhere.  I also took a couple of snaps of my recent additions, which you can see below. The Donkey Kong Jr widescreen is in great condition and if internet trawling is to be believed, the rarest widescreen of the 5 I own.

I also forked out $60 for Zelda 1 & 2 for the NES, with 2 coming complete in box with manual.  Up till now I’d felt sort of like I was letting the collecting Gods down by not having a single Zelda item anywhere in my collection (considering the impact of the series on gamers worldwide) so now, with Zelda 1 & 2 in hand, I can sleep at night without fear that I’m going to be struck by lightning.  I love the gold carts too, they’re like pirate treasure… but erm…cartridge shaped.   Next on the Zelda-list would be the Game & Watch of the same name, but I’m going to wait till I find that one boxed.  I’ll be patient. Or at least, I’ll try.


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