Returning from the hunt…

I covered some serious ground today.  In terms of scouring op-shops I’ve gone through every Vinnie’s and Salvo’s from Geelong to the end of time itself.  I’m tired, but I feel as though I can rest a little better knowing – or at least hoping – that no one can be out there finding video game bargains at op-shops, because I’ve already taken them all.

I didn’t come away with any great bounty this time around, but it was a great way to spend a day nonetheless. I did manage to find a 2nd Namco light gun for my PS1, and a working Nintendo Gameboy Advance.

Not too shabby.


2 Responses to Returning from the hunt…

  1. BRIK says:

    Sounds like op shops are as hit and miss over where you are than over here in the west. Not too long ago I spent hours covering just about every op shop I could find in the eastern suburbs of Perth. The only things I could find was an Atari joystick (but no Atari) and a whole lot of bootleg PS1 games. It seems that no one wants to part with their games for free like they use to.

  2. Yeah, op-shop hunting can be a bit depressing if you go in expecting to find something. Same with garage sales – don’t get your hopes up 😉 Still, every now and again you come across some goodies. I can’t say I’ve had too much luck mind, but then again, it’s been a while since I got up early enough on a Saturday to do the garage sale bit, and even longer since I hit the op shops. Over 10 years back when I was at Uni though, used to regularly check out places in the CBD and picked up a couple of bargains, until the second-hand stores started charging an arm and a leg for retro stuff 😛

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