Cheap fantasies…

Despite the howling wind and ever-present danger of torrential downpours, there were a few brave souls willing to get out and sell their wares at the local Geelong markets.  Going retro game hunting at these places can be very hit and miss, with most markets essentially taking the form of op-shops without the rule of law. Any man, woman – or in some cases subhuman – can put out a spread of all kinds of worthless and useless shit for sale at local market stalls.   Some days though, you manage to wade through all the soiled childrens clothes and fake perfume and find Final Fantasy XII for the Playstation 2 for a fiver.

Good score, it makes wading through all the detestable golf, NFL and basketball games worth it.


2 Responses to Cheap fantasies…

  1. Takoma says:

    You love Madden. You love it long time.

  2. lol, the best dodgy thing I’ve seen at the markets locally was – wait for it – a _used_ pump pack of SPF15+ sunscreen for $10. Gold!

    Nice score on FFXII btw, recently picked up an NTSC copy for about $10 – I’m a bit picky with my PSone and PS2 games, I think I have a clinical addiction to 60hz refresh rates, so getting games from the US or Japan are my best bets 😛 Good thing the AU$ is so good at the moment!

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