Number 19

I expected many things out of today.  The rising and setting of the Sun, the typical drudgery of a Monday at work and the lightning bolt to the spinal cord that is well crafted coffee. All these things I expected, but I couldn’t foresee in my wildest dreams the arrival of that-which-took-a-fucking-long-time-to-get-here.

The Panasonic 3DO.

That’s right folks, it would seem that the 3DO finally found its way to Geelong after travelling here from Japan via the rest of the Universe.  Of course, it was one thing to get excited about finally being able to touch one of these gaming oddities, it was another thing to actually fire it up. In all my excitement I’ve forgotten that I need a step-down transformer. Boo. No awesome Street Fighter port with amazing sound tonight.  I’m half tempted to hunt one down from Dick Smith tomorrow, but I know I’ll pay a premium for it.  In other news, all you Australians need to keep an eye out for the next issue of Atomic: Maximum Power Computing at your local newsagents.  It will feature part 1 of a three part feature on the history of the mighty gaming console.  More than that, it will include a section all about collecting these retro greats, written by yours truly.


There wasn’t enough space to rattle on about your more exotic console breeds, so it’ll be largely a Sega/Nintendo/Atari write-up, nonetheless it’ll hopefully open some eyes to a fantastic and rewarding hobby. While you wait for the magazine to come out, please enjoy these pictures of my 19th addition to the console collection, a shiny new (completely unplayable)  Panasonic 3DO 🙂


5 Responses to Number 19

  1. Takoma says:

    I am intensely curious about this Street Fighter port.

  2. BRIK says:

    Awesome! Only took… three months? It’s certainly more well travelled than me!
    By the way when you buy a step down converter do you think you could write something up on differing prices you come across for other Aussies? 😀 Thanks.

    • amiga4eva says:

      To be honest, I’m new to the whole step down converter gig myself, but I promise I’ll do a write up on what I find and what I end up buying, as well as anything I observe along the way 🙂

  3. Nice, I’ll keep an eye out for Atomic to check out the series. Normally more of an ad-hoc Retro Gamer reader, but I always liked reading Atomic.

    Oh, and nice 3DO. Keep thinking I should buy one, but I think I have enough consoles already 🙂

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