Master System game roundup

Rather than do in-depth reviews, which take time, effort and are far easier to bang out when you’re being paid for them, I’ve decided to just update occasionally with snippets about games I’ve been playing. Think of it as a compressed review, digging at the heart of how I see the games, without all the fluff. Today’s fare;

  • Game: Pacmania
  • Platform: Sega Master System
  • Verdict: A yellow, pill-popping pile of fail as far as I’m concerned. Pacmania takes the tried and true arcade classic “Pacman” puts it in isometric 3D and gives Pacman the ability to jump.  Not much enjoyment to be had here, the backgrounds make the pills hard to see (at least for my aging vision) the isometric playing field is odd and the large levels make the games take longer and erode that fast paced arcade feel.  Stick with the original if you’ve got a penchant for pill munching and ghost hunting.

  • Game: Ghost House
  • Platform: Sega Master System
  • Verdict: Ghost House takes me back to a game on the Commodore 64 the name of which – despite my efforts and the efforts of those around me – no-one can figure out.  It had a haunted manor, ghosts, items and was stacks of honest platform jumping fun.  I figure that if I can’t remember that game, then Ghost House makes a great replacement. It requires a fair bit of timing to kill off the bats and ghosts as you roam the haunted mansion (occasionally attacked by Dracula himself) and overall makes for a colorful platform romp.

One Response to Master System game roundup

  1. You know, I think I vaguely remember that C64 game. Or maybe I’m getting it mixed up with an Atari 2600 games…

    I wonder if I have Ghost House in my collection of SMS games… I’ve forgotten what I have. I must be getting old. Or I’m just daft. Could be either, really.

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