Fashion, retro style.

Sometimes it pays to work for a clothing retail company.

A few weeks ago I had our graphic designers quiz a few people in my support team – myself included – about all things geeky while they worked on a new range of t-shirts etc designed for the nerd. Being the retro console collecting nutter that I am, I of course talked all about old school gaming, the appeal, the iconic nature of things like NES controllers etc. So while they didn’t end up going with any of these more left-field designs, they did get a few licensed samples made up which they kindly gave to me today as they won’t be pursuing them as a range.

Can I get a hells yeah?

Three tshirts and one spray jacket – while I’ve seen the t-shirt designs out there in the wild, the spray jacket is – to my knowledge – a one of a kind and now occupies a treasured and unique part of my retro gaming collection.


One Response to Fashion, retro style.

  1. Those are… amazing. I want one of each. Yesterday.

    Reminds me of the amazing t-shirts released in Japan when the Sega Ages 2500 series were being released. They were brilliant. I wanted all of them.

    Unfortunately they didn’t ship overseas. It gave me a sad face. Especially missing out on the Phantasy Star 2 and Virtual On t-shirts. They were so choice.

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