With great toys come great …. annoyances.

Just thought I’d stop in and, you know, keep you all up-to-date on the constant and engaging tale that is my retro collecting life.  Apparently, a blog is far more engaging when it’s updated from time to time.

Personally, I think that’s just a vicious rumor started by people up to no good.

I’ve had some great acquisitions of late, thanks to a combination of beloved people hunting down bargains for me, and my own shrewd dealings at local markets and buy/sell groups.  Managed to bolster my Nintendo handheld collection a bit thanks to an original Gameboy with some carts (included a boxed copy of Aerostar in really good condition) and a boxed 3-in-1 Gameboy Advance title (itself a collection of retro games like Asteroids, is that some kind of double retro win?)

I’ve also scored a Nintendo 64 with all cords that looks a damn sight prettier than my current 64 (a dented and sorry thing)  and a few SNES and 64 carts.  A great smattering of variety that I’ll get into playing this coming weekend.  In other news, my Panasonic 3DO – yes, the one I waited what seemed like decades for – is proving to be a source of crazy frustration and mild suicidal tendencies.  While it happily plays Putt-Putt’s fun pack – the kids game I got bundled with it that is far less fun than its name suggests – it won’t play any ISO images that I burn, including Street Fighter 2 Turbo.

I’ve tried different images, different burning programs and a couple of different burning programs.  As the pictures below will show you, I even opened up the 3DO and despite being impressed with how mint it was on the inside, cleaned the CD lens anyway.  It just refuses to play anything burnt. Putt-Putt’s works fine, as do audio CDs, but my final thoughts are that I need to invest in some really expensive CD-R media.  According to internet sources, the 3DO is very fussy about the media used, so anyone got recommendations of good CD-R brands? I mean, really good?  Also, looks like I jumped the gun on the start of the 3 part console feature in Atomic.  It’ll be next month now, so keep your eyes out for the first part (8-bit consoles) at your local, awesome, newsagent.


2 Responses to With great toys come great …. annoyances.

  1. BRIK says:

    I have some Verbatim CD-R’s in which I brought for five or six dollars from my local Dick Smith. I use these to burn Dreamcast games and I’ve had no problems so far.
    I wouldn’t be able to tell you two shits about the 3DO though as I don’t have one, but it should be noted that you need to burn the Dreamcast games at a slow speed because it has an older disk drive which can’t read it if its burnt too fast, or something like that. No idea if this applies for the 3DO though.

  2. Unfortunately I’m in the same position as BRIK – never had a 3DO, but I remember APC would regularly recommend Verbatim media, so that might be helpful. I know with some systems, increasing the strength of the laser can get around recordable media issues, but you’ll also shorten the life of the lens. That’s assuming it works – I have some commercial games that are pedantic when booting on my Dreamcast, and despite messing with the variable resistor that controls how much juice you feed the machine’s GD-ROM, wasn’t able to make any difference to performance.

    Good luck!

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