4 shades of grey

I don’t know about you, but I collect only partially to accumulate the big name stuff, your well known Nintendo, Sega and Atari fare.  I’m also driven by the obscure, the weird and the downright unsuccessful.  The Watara Supervision fits snugly into the weird and unsuccessful categories.   I noticed the Supervision among some bits and pieces being sold by the person I picked the NES up off today.  I knew nothing of the handheld, but I’m a sucker for anything that takes game carts, even more so for one that intrigued me because I’d never heard of it.

So I took the gamble and grabbed two of them.

Turns out the Supervision was released as a budget competitor to Nintendo’s Gameboy, but failed to take off because of an inferior screen quality and a library of games that were largely developed in-house and couldn’t compete with the likes of Mario and Metroid.  With obscurity comes rarity, and it would appear that my $20 pick up is probably worth around $50 to $60 in “collector” value, so I’m pretty happy with the console and the quality of the games I grabbed.  Tasac 2010 is a great little vertical shooter while Chimera is an isometric adventure game and Pac-boy & Mouse an admittedly confusing puzzle affair.  The console itself is sturdy, with generous screen real estate capable of displaying 4 shades of grey and a funky comm port on the side that with the right kind of cable will apparently hook up to the TV. Aces.

All in all a top find, something a little left of center to add to the collection.


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