Classic gaming never has to die…

I thought this blog-relevant, it’s an article I did in ’07 on emulation, how it works, why it’s awesome and just how it preserves the favorite games of days gone by. There’s also a bit of an interview with the guys behind PCSX2 mashed in there!.


One Response to Classic gaming never has to die…

  1. A nice reminder of how much the emulation scene has developed over the years – I remember the joy of running early versions of CCS64 on the old-faithful P120 in the mid-late 90s when we finally had dialup, running with a custom-hacked config file I put together through trial-and-error to get the TCP/IP stack on my Dad’s 486DX40 laptop running Win3.11 to communicate with our 28.8k modem and have a connection that actually ran close to 28.8k performance. Thankfully the C64 stuff was pretty light on the bandwidth and ran nicely on the main PC in the other room (I used the laptop as it was close to a phone outlet, the main PC was over the other side of the house :P).

    But how things have changed over the years… amazing stuff. Interestingly though, as I’ve gotten older I’ve become more interested in playing classic games on the original hardware, which isn’t terribly space-efficient, but makes for a better experience 🙂

    … except those load times on C64 disks haven’t gotten any easier to deal with over the years. Should look into the JiffyDOS hack for the C64 that apparently makes massive improvements to disk performance. Shame I’m feeling a bit lazy 😉

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