Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo for the 3DO arrived today.  It’s every bit as magnificent as the youtube clips led me to believe. While the 3DO controller makes me cry a river, SSF2 Turbo is something to behold. The smooth gameplay, rich colorful graphics and absolutely smashing audio quality has to be seen to be believed. I own Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 2 Turbo for the SNES, but both will take a back seat to this bad boy. Hadouken!


One Response to Hadouken!

  1. Niiice. I still remember reading the review of that one in Hyper (how I wish the whole back issue archive for that magazine was available in PDF format somewhere on the web, or even just big anthology reprints, complete with all the varied typesettings) and being blown away by the screenshots. A welcome change of the terrible SF2 ports that made their way to all the personal computers (DOS, C64, Amiga, etc) back in the day.

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