Boxed glory.

I just couldn’t help myself. When presented with an array of boxed NES games – most of which are in fantastic condition – there’s only one thing to do.  Own them all. Quickly. So I did, and now I do. Win! I’ll probably sell off Sidewinder as I have a serious anti-HES thing going on, and Zelda 2 is a double so that’ll go as well, the rest however go straight into the collection.


3 Responses to Boxed glory.

  1. Takoma says:

    Spy vs Spy ❤

  2. Sean says:

    Yes, owning them all really was the only sensible option available to you. Nice additions and well done!

  3. Nice additions to the collection 😉 Don’t have too many boxed NES games in the shelves, so it’s always good to see some in other gamers’ collections 🙂

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