Bubble n’ Freak

Here are some words that pop into my head when I think of the Arnie Sci-Fi thriller, Predator.




Yeah, Predator is a movie with aliens, balls and guns. Awesome.

Now pick the word that would be least associated with Predator in any way shape or form.  Did you guess Bubbles? Congratulations, you’re right!. Yeah, that’s right – bubbles. No one would dream of coming within a country mile of the Predator franchise with a word like bubbles. It’s the type of sheer bug-eyed insanity reserved for the drug addicted homeless, until you fire up Predator on the Nintendo Famicom.  After that, whenever you see anything to do with Predator, you’ll automatically think bubbles. 

You see, apart from the words ‘Schwarzenegger’, ‘Predator’ and the silhouette of Arnie on the cartridge art the Famicom version of Predator has absolutely zero to do with the film of the same name and everything to do with bubbles and surrealism.  Your character looks suitably “Arnie”- sporting combat fatigues and a machine gun, but he faces off against waves of, well, bubbles. Now there could be Predators in this game – somewhere – but for the five or so minutes I played it all I saw were bubbles. Floating pink and blue bubbles. They died when I shot them and some of them dropped power-ups, but I couldn’t tell you what any of them did because any bubble I accidentally hit would throw me back into the corner of the screen.

Sound too strange to be true? Go try it for yourself, you’ll see. Altogether odd.



2 Responses to Bubble n’ Freak

  1. Sean says:

    Nice post, I thought you might like the Famicom Predator! I’ve never been past the bubble part of the game too, I’m not sure if it just keeps going and going.

  2. That’s… insanity. Sounds like it’s up there with Darth Vader turning into a red scorpion in Star Wars on the Famicom.

    You know what was an awesome/bad Predator game? The C64 game. It’s terrible, but I was determined it was a good game when I played it in the late-80s. When the Predator’s red targetting thingos floated across the screen that freaked me out. But I was a scaredy cat as a kid, so that’s not surprising 😉

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