New additions in all shapes and sizes.

Walking into an op shop and finding a massive retro gaming bundle is every collectors dream.  Spotting EA sports titles or a banged up Playstation is one thing, but we’re talking something really retro, really special and really cheap.  It’s also a fools dream, because it is hardly – if ever – realised.

You’ve got more chance of spontaneously developing the necessary internal biological makeup to begin shitting gold bricks than you do of realising this dream.  Except the other day, when a dear friend of mind found, bought and presented to a batshit-crazy-excited yours truly, an immaculate Intellivision and 12 equally awesome Intellivision games.

The price? A mere $70! Bargain! Score! Win! Epic! If you’ve got any other adjectives, slap em’ in here…. basically, this was a golden find and I now feel as though I can die happy. The Intellivison is a gorgeous bit of retro goodness and after a great deal of internal cleaning, plays games without a hitch.  The games themselves are all boxed, and 99% of them come with the overlays for the controllers, instructions and other bits and pieces.

Amazing find in an unlikely place. So don’t despair fellow collectors! There are still a few bargains out there to be had, not everyone has climbed on the great eBay monstrosity just yet. So hold out hope, and hope you have awesome people in your life that will hunt these things down for you.

I also scored a couple of Tomy tabletop games, which represent my first foray into lesser known handheld games (unless you count my Watara Supervision).  Some people will probably recognise the Caveman one which seems to be fairly popular, but the real star of the show is the TRON unit! From what I understand this one is far less common, and it has that extra appeal of being a licensed product of a staple geek sci-fi classic. It’s also heaps of fun to play, with several mini-games making up the overall gameplay, such as a light cycle event, discs etc.  Both are in great nick, and still seem to work as well now as they probably did when first hatched from the box.

Much happiness.


2 Responses to New additions in all shapes and sizes.

  1. Sean says:

    Oh man, that is just so aweseome. 70 bucks for an Intellivision and 12 boxed games? Those look amazing.

    And its funny that you just moved into Tomy handhelds because I also got my first Tomy hanheld last week (anniversary present). Mine was “Powerman”, but I have to say that Tron looks ….well, I’m jealous. Amazing finds!

  2. Amazing score 🙂

    I will take some of the credit for the working Intellisivion, because I posted with suggestion for fixing it elsewhere, and while it had nothing to do with actually fixing your console, I contributed. By making some noise.

    Hooray for me 🙂

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