Have you slapped your fan base today?

My thoughts on the Atari witch-hunt to eradicate the homebrew, programming and retro sites that use the Atari brand or logo.  Evil bastards.



3 Responses to Have you slapped your fan base today?

  1. This is the kind of behaviour we generally see from Square-Enix or Activision. Disappointed to see such strong-arm tactics from Atari.

  2. I just have to shake my head in disappointment. It’s just sad that Atari is behaving like this against enthusiasts. 😦 I noticed that atari2600.org is down due to the witch-hunt. 😦

    I agree with the opinions in the article. Atari is shooting themselves in the foot by acting like this.

  3. Sean says:

    Good article. I read it a month ago and was going to comment but got distracted and then….well, anyway.

    As one of the few North American law school graduates who has managed to thus far make his way in the world without actually working as a lawyer I can confidently say: blame it all on the lawyers. The Atari lawyers likely know nothing about video games or the fanbase, but do know that they can make a buck or two from their client suing or threatening to sue the fans for behaviour that, while technically a violation of Atari`s legal rights, really causes no harm and probably enhances the company`s value. Same thinking that lead the music industry`s lawyers to threaten to sue (and in some cases actually sue) everyone who they could find that was downloading music. Not a winning strategy for their clients but the lawyers certainly got paid.

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