Munch, munch, munch….

Awesome find at a market today, Pacman!.  Had this particular handheld when I was a kid (didn’t we all?) so it was great to find it – in perfect working order and only cosmetic scuffs/marks – for only $35.  Some of the money I made at the market selling retro fluff was instantly converted into this yellow disc of vintage love, but that’s okay, it’s the way it’s meant to be.  This now takes my bulky Tomy collection up to three units (the other two pictured below).

Also, the guy I bought it off indicated he had a treasure trove of other goodies at home that he’s going to take pictures of and email to me with a view to selling.  This could be big! I can feel the dollars flying out of my wallet right now. Ahem.


4 Responses to Munch, munch, munch….

  1. Tom Stones says:

    I saw you buy it, can’t belive I missed out.

  2. Nice find 🙂 Used to have those kind of handhelds as a kid, last time I went through the old toy boxes at my folks’ house I couldn’t them though 😦

  3. Sean says:

    Nice! For 35$ that is a steal, the PacMan one is of the coolest handhelds ever. I never had one myself as a kid but I do remember seeing it in catalogs in the early 80s and really really wanting one.

  4. Nice find! 🙂 Congratulations!

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