Your “Always There” console

If you’re like me, you have collected quite a few consoles which adorn your office, lounge-room or garage.  Maybe if you’re lucky you have an arcane setup that allows you to route a bazillion AV leads into a single television, meaning you can have most of your systems hooked up at once. If you’re less organised – like me – you probably just constantly swap consoles in and out, sometimes having the Neo Geo hooked up, other times the NES.

But if you’re like me, you also have one console that’s your “always there” machine. It’s one you have hooked up pretty much permanently, as it’s your “go to” platform when you need that quick fix of retro gaming goodness.  Mine is an awesome little combo of a top loading NES (small footprint), an adaptor to play Famicom carts, and a great bootleg 115 game Famicom cart.

Seriously, this setup is the geek bomb.

It means any time the mood strikes I can fire up a multitude of different NES titles – 115 in all – completely independent of any tomfoolery to connect AV or power cables.  It’s a great feeling. What’s your “Always there” machine?


2 Responses to Your “Always There” console

  1. I’m not sure what my “always-on” machine… these days I have everything hooked up with some creative wiring to a switchbox, but in the past… probably either my Saturn or Dreamcast was readily hooked up. I got my Saturn in September 1996 and I didn’t retire it until around 2003 when I moved out of home. Mind, it still used to come out frequently for gaming sessions, there’s some great multiplayer gems on that machine 🙂

  2. My “always-on” machine is not a console, but my Amiga 1200. It’s permanently hooked up and ready to go. 🙂 I use the PC for work and such, but if I want to play some old-school classics, my Amiga is my first choice. 😉

    Also got a Wii hooked up to the living-room TV, but it’s very seldom that I turn it on.

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