Enchanted bag of +5 paraphernalia

Do you have a bag of assorted stuff that just doesn’t fit with anything with anything in your collection, but because it’s retro you can’t part with it? No? Maybe it’s just me then, whoops. Anyway, I have a bag like that, it contains manuals for games I don’t own, posters, advertising and marketing bits and pieces etc. It’s kinda fun to go through every so often and look at all the stuff that I’ve collected that doesn’t really fit ‘anywhere’….pics included!






One Response to Enchanted bag of +5 paraphernalia

  1. Nice assortment of gear 🙂

    Not sure what I have around the place… used to have stacks of incidentals, but when I sold off all my retro games mags just a bit over 10 years ago, they all went too.

    Wish I hadn’t sold them all off, especially since all I got was about $50 for everything 😛

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