Markets ahoy!

Went to a few markets today as a buyer rather than a stall holder which was a refreshing change. Not a huge amount of stuff floating about (if you don’t count EA sports games) but I did manage to secure the pictured titles for $5 a pop.  It’s strange when you find yourself picking up a retro title that is – in itself – a collection of retro titles for another system. Odd feeling, but I’m now the proud owner of the Megadrive and Intellivision collections for the Playstation 2.

There was of course the obligatory cretin at one of the markets who had a decent array of (admittedly common) NES and SNES loose carts, but insisted on $10 to $30 a piece for them, and when I asked if he’d do a good price for taking all 17 NES carts, he rudely told me not a chance, and that I’d never find them cheaper.

He’s right, I’ll never find them cheaper – if of course by “never” he meant “all the freaking time”.

My money, will go elsewhere.


One Response to Markets ahoy!

  1. Gotta love that. it’s not often I find retro games at markets, but on those odd occasions I do, they’re often ridiculously overpriced.

    I’ve found the same problem infesting the ads in the paper where people are demanding prices they’d struggle to achieve on eBay, because they insist that they saw the same thing on eBay once.

    Ah well, good luck to them.

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