Updated collection pics ^_^

Always a happy, happy time to blog. Here is the photographic evidence that I am indeed, batshit crazy. Enjoy!


9 Responses to Updated collection pics ^_^

  1. Oh my God! So much cool stuff! It’s like the retro gamers holy shrine! I’m now considering doing a pilgrimage from Europe to pay my respect to this collection. 🙂

    Very impressive! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Sean says:

    Surely batshit craziness has never before been so awesome to behold.

  3. thegaygamer says:

    Yowza! That is quite the collection. Congrats 🙂 And thanks for sharing photos of it here. I was turned on to your blog by Sean of famicomblog fame, BTW. I’ll definitely be returning regularly!

    • amiga4eva says:

      Awesome! Glad to hear Sean is pimping me out to the masses. Love your blog, will add it to my roll shortly.

      • thegaygamer says:

        Yep, it’s Sean’s fault 🙂 I’m glad to hear you like my blog, BTW — and thanks for adding me to your roll. Much appreciated!

        Other than all of that, I have a question for you: It seems like one of the only systems you don’t have is a PC Engine or TurboGrafx-16. If that’s the case, why is it? Did the horrible US cover art (and horrible US console design) kill any interest you may have had?

        You also don’t seem to have an FM Towns, but that’s entirely more acceptable 🙂 (I don’t have one either, although I’d love to change that some day!)

      • amiga4eva says:

        To be perfectly honest, I just haven’t found one yet at the right price and that I could grab before someone else did 🙂 It’s always a question of timing in the retro collecting world, whether it’s on a forum, a market or greedBay. As soon as I can find either a PC Engine or a TurboGrafx-16 I’ll be snapping it up :). Horrible designs and whatnot don’t scare me, I want everything for its uniqueness, good or bad :).

  4. To re-iterate – awesomeness 🙂 Love that old TV as well!

  5. Yeah, that TV looks awesome. 😀

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