Another morning at the markets…

Nothing too flash today, but I did pick up a couple of common NES carts I didn’t have to add to the pile, an original Gameboy for $10 (with an F1 Grand Prix game cart) and a boxed SNES game ‘BOB’ which includes a practically mint poster of the games main character (a nice ‘collector’ touch).  The guy selling the boxed SNES game and NES carts had absolute crate-loads of stuff, boxed N64, NES, SNES, Gamecube and other games, systems, game & watches and whatnot, but most of his stuff was crazy ovepriced.  $200 for a really scratched up “Rainshower” Nintendo Game & Watch with a replacement battery cover? I don’t think so. A two second check on eBay reveals a buy it now unit in perfect condition that could be shipped to my door for a little over half that price.

But still, among the overpriced stuff there was the occasional reasonably priced boxed game, so I’ll be sure to pick at the rest of his stuff some other time. He had Gamecube titles, but stupidly (and predicably) I went straight for the cart based games. Cart games are awesome, but I have a stack of SNES and NES games already – I have only 2 Gamecube games. Only two! That’s pretty lame. I need to fix that, soon (although one of the games is Soul Calibur 2, which is easily as awesome as a kitten wrapped in $100 bills).


3 Responses to Another morning at the markets…

  1. Sean says:

    I say stick with the cart games, ignore those flashy discs, they cause nothing but trouble!

  2. Gotta love overpriced stuff 😛 Nice pickups though – love the poster insert with BOB!

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