Lynx goodies!

The following arrivals were unplanned, unexpected and oh so graciously received. I’ve gone from a single model 2 Lynx with 3 game carts, to having a reasonably phat (yeah – that’s right, phat)  Lynx collection Check it out!

Those game boxes really are in as good a condition as they look, the carry case is gorgeous as is the Lynx box, battery pack and Poster. What a haul, happy days, I’m off to play Gauntlet….


One Response to Lynx goodies!

  1. Sorry for the belated response, but nice work on those consoles 🙂 Never played the Lynx much as a kid, as I didn’t have one and I don’t think many of my mates did either. I was convinced the Game Gear represented the future of mobile gaming, but I probably also thought Home Alone wasn’t the first step on a slippery slope for 80s mastermind John Hughes. We all learn with time I guess 🙂

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