Box o’ SNES

Like all SNES items and accessories a boxed console does not come cheap, but I’m sure with enough time and plenty of hard work prostituting myself in St Kilda, I’ll eventually recoup the losses. In the meantime, I have this stonkingly awesome boxed SNES (the Street Fighter 2 edition with cart, no less) to keep me happy and out of trouble. Just awesome :).  Although there is a definite imbalance of boxed Sega stuff in my room versus boxed Nintendo. Going to have to rectify that (can you hear my wallet screaming out in pain already?) 


2 Responses to Box o’ SNES

  1. Sean says:

    That does look pretty sweet, I didn`t know they released a Street Fighter 2 version.

    And I can hear your wallet screaming way over here in Japan.

  2. I *so* remember that boxed SNES! Well, not that one specifically, but in general 🙂 The local John Martins (not sure if you guys had that retail chain on the east coast – David Jones bought them out in the late 90s, they were a bit like Myer though) had a great video game section, and the delightfully SF2-branded SNES consoles were a beautiful thing to behold. I wouldn’t admit it at the time though – I was an irrational Sega fanboy. Didn’t stop me playing SF2 on the in-store SNES kiosk though 🙂

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