CD32 Toolkit Assistant released



Head to the download page to grab the latest version.





  • Attempting to remove mods or game files from the compilation without having selected anything from the checked list boxes will no longer mistakenly inform the user they’ve removed an item.
  • Changing the automatically chosen game name will no longer cause the Tool Kit to fail copying the .slave file with error “Not a valid slave file! at CD32ToolKitAssistant.frmCD32Main.CopySlaveFile()”




  • The ability to maintain a list of .mod format songs to be included in the compilation.
  • A health check you can run which ensures you have key files required for using the CD32 Compilation via WinUAE
  • Additional debug information captured if an exception occurs
  • The ability to create a build file of your ISO compilation, featuring version information and a list of games and songs in the compilation



4 Responses to CD32 Toolkit Assistant released

  1. […] Looks excellent. If you’re interested in taking a closer look, please head over to Guru Meditation Blog by clicking here. […]

  2. Amazing work! But I shouldn’t be reading this, as it will make it tempting to buy a CD32…

  3. The temptation.. it is growing.. Now I’ve even started visiting e-Bay every day to check for good deals.. 😦 You are not alone Sean. 😉

  4. Be strong, we can resist it if we work together! 🙂

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