So I’ve been a bit lazy in updating the blog recently, but I have a really good excuse. I’m holidaying in Thailand! It’s been a great few days here, soaking up the hot weather and the mixture of relaxed and potent culture between Phuket and Patong.

I haven’t however, lost my thirst for retro gaming goodness.  Thailand is many things, but Japan it is not.  Unlike Japan with its seemingly endless hoards of game stuff, there is virtually no retro gaming scene in the areas I’ve been (Phuket, Patong) and from what I read only a meager presence in the busier Bangkok.  There is market stall after market stall of pirated Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii games and PS1 / handheld clones but that’s about it.

However, using my super powers of retro hunting, I didn’t leave the billionth market I’ve visited empty handed. I managed to score a handful of Famicom pirate carts! w00t! I love these things.  Bright, colorful and jam-packed with games, it never hurts to have a few Famicom pirate carts, especially when they’re just $3 each.  Good times, I feel as though I accomplished my mission after scouring Phuket.

I’ve also found a games store at the Central shopping mall in Phuket city that has a handful of Gamecube games for sale (average price around $30) so I might go back there, and a few stalls at the Phuket night market were selling what appeared to me to be genuine Gameboy Advance handhelds (boxed) for 2500 baht (about $80).

I’m pretty chuffed with my Famicom carts though, I might head back to the market next weekend to see if I can add the remaining carts to my collection. For now – to get my retro kicks – I’m going to fire up the VGA remake of ‘Quest For Glory: So you want to be a hero?’ – a shadow of the Amiga original, but still heaps of fun :).

That’s enough blabbing for now, back to holidaying – Laew phob gan mai! 🙂

I might look like I'm on holidays, but it's just a cover for retro game hunting ^_^


2 Responses to Sa-wad-dee-kap!

  1. Hope you’ll enjoy your vacation in Thailand! Up here in Europe it’s getting colder and darker every day. 😦 Even had frost one morning. I envy you the sunshine! 🙂

    Cool that you managed to purchase some items. I agree with you.. Thailand is not Japan when it comes to gaming. 😀

    Btw.. I’m currently hunting for a CD32.. I also want compilations! 😀

  2. Sean says:

    Nice find with the Famicom pirates! I have a few Thai friends who used to play nothing but Famicom pirates growing up. I`ve never seen a single pirate cart in Japan though.

    Hope you manage to avoid the flooding!

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