Raining retro!

Back from Thailand, and just in time to receive a whole host of awesome goodies.

As I’ve obtained nearly all the major consoles that I wanted (I’m still waiting for someone to donate me a shiny Sega Mark III :P) I’m tending towards hoarding games right now. Pictured here (among other things) are some boxed Vectrex games (in amazing condition with manuals, overlays, game catalogs etc), Megadrive titles, Japanese Sega Saturn games, some Game & Watches (including the first edition of Manhole before it was re-released as a wide-screen) some pirate Famicom carts, Gamecube titles and last – but certainly not least – Zelda Ocarina of Time for the N64.

For me, the standout of this lot aside from the Game & Watches is Star Trek: The Motion Picture for the Vectrex, I am but minutes away from firing up the Vectrex to have a game of Trekky goodness. Talk about combining two of my most favorite things in the world.

It’s like a Smashing Pumpkins sausage roll.

Also, due to this latest influx of stuff to my games room (with more expected in the next few days) I will be doing another re-arrangement of the room which will mean updated pics of the entire collection, w00t! I’ve gotten some new shelves since the last lot of photos which seem to show off the unboxed consoles well, so the pics will be worth checking out when I get them up in the next couple of days.


One Response to Raining retro!

  1. Hmmm, some of those Saturn games look familiar. I wonder where they came from? 😉

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