Some days, you just win.

The local market – that endless wasteland of Playstation sports games and genetic throwbacks – occasionally yields some fruit.

Today, it yielded the whole freakin’ orchid.

I present to you a sprinkling of assorted games for assorted systems, including some boxed N64 racing games (hey, if you’re going to get sports games they might as well be racing) Master system, Megadrive and Atari carts. The crown jewel however, is a boxed Sonic triple pack Megadrive II! Not just boxed, but good condition boxed. The plastic wrapping is all there, the original multi-cartridge, manuals and other paraphernalia.  It looks almost brand new, someone obviously took care of this baby.

A steal at $65 when you consider everything else in the picture cost an additional $35.  The Sega box was sitting underneath the guys stall out of sight, leaning against one of the table legs. Had I not been loading up my arms (I’m not kidding) with retro goodies from the guys table and spilled some onto the ground, I’d never have knelt down to pick them up and seen this yellow box of awesome. 

Today has restored my faith in the market circuit. I’m sure next week will bring some loud-mouthed con artist trying to sell a Majora’s Mask cartridge for $70, but that’s next week – an eon away. For now like a lizard in the Sun, I’m going to bask in the glory of my boxed Megadrive 2.



One Response to Some days, you just win.

  1. Nice work 🙂 All that’s missing from that lovely boxed SMD2 are a 50/60hz switch, English/Japanese language switch, an optional colour oscillator mod if you’re not running it in RGB and a 12mhz selectable overclock. Oh, and an s-video mod if you’re not going RGB too.


    But seriously, that’s a great haul!

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