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Stuff & things – an obvious derivative of things & stuff – is my way of gathering together what should have been the last 5 or so blog posts into one condensed update. A really short one at that. Work has been reasonably busy (retail IT like all other forms of retail ramps up towards Christmas) so this note is going to be injected with a fair smack o’ brevity.

I stopped short of heading to a couple of garage sales in town this morning. The bad weather combined with that gut instinct that they wouldn’t have been much chop has kept me away, but it also doesn’t hurt that I’ve spent a fair bit of cash in the last couple of weeks and really need to start selling some leftovers and doubles rather than buy more stuff. I recently took delivery of 4 boxed NES games to absorb into my collection. The games themselves – Flintstones, Marble Madness, Silent Service and Digger T Rock – aren’t particularly remarkable, but the condition of the boxes is phenomenal. For cardboard that’s navigated the winding corridors of history since the 1980s it’s held up well.  Digger T Rock looks fun, that’ll be given a quick thrashing on the NES top loader this weekend.

I’m also awaiting delivery of a Vectrex box. Unfortunately the box is empty but that’s okay, I knew that before I paid for it. I already have a Vectrex, but owning the box it comes in is worth the hunting around in my mind.  It’s one of the few machines where owning the box is almost as glorious as owning the console. Despite the fact theres some tape on the box and a few rips here and there, I still can’t wait to see the damn thing.

What else is en route? Finally a commodore 64 disk drive WITH power cable and some games. That pretty much completes my C64 hardware search, I can now focus purely on games, games and more games. I’m also waiting on a lot of 15 Sega Master system games, a majority of which I don’t already own.  That’ll take my Sega Master System game collection up to 50 titles not including loose carts. Starting to get serious now.

Last, but certainly not least is something that I’ve wanted to keep a lid on until it arrived, but I’m useless at keeping my trap shut. I will soon be the proud owner of an Atari

XEGS! Oh yeah, feel the 8-bit power. Possessed of oodles (yeah – oodles) of wonderfully obscure charm, the XEGS (complete with light gun, 19 games and the detachable keyboard) will take up a proud place in my collection with it’s hybrid console/computer awesomeness and provide entertainment and bragging rights well into the foreseeable future.  Bring on delivery, or I’m going to explode with impatience.



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  1. Love the XEGS stuff – had never really heard of it before you shared the pics with us on the forums, always good to see golden oldies hit the hands of fellow gamer/collectors 🙂

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